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We qualify before we show property. There is no application fee if you come into our office. Click for a map You can apply online for a $40 fee.

If you have an agent who expects to be paid a commission, there is a $40 application fee for each person who is going to be on the lease as a principal.

You can pay the fee using the PayPal utility at the end of this page.

Each property we manage is owned by a different person and each has different standards for a tenant. Click for our Tenant selection criteria

First time through your form, we try to figure out whether we can make it work if you decide you want to rent the property you applied for. If it looks likely, we make an appointment with you to show the inside. If you say you want to rent it, then we develop and verify information to present to the owner.

We start with your current residence and your income. We rarely look up your credit until you have seen the inside and told us you want to rent the property.

The first step for you is to go find the neighborhood and see if the property is what you had in mind.

A real estate agent can help. We don't offer that kind of service but you can probably find someone who does at one of the agencies listed on this page

1. Click here for an online application you can send to our office immediately. It will be encrypted as it travels across the internet. We have created our own security certificate instead of paying a third party. Your browser may say it does not "trust" the certificate but all that means is we are self-certified.

2. Click here for an online application that will not be encrypted . Your browser will not complain about this form but the email that it sends to us is not secure.

3. Click here for the Texas Association of Realtors Residential Lease Application and Authorization to Release Information in pdf format that you can print out and mail or drop off at our office along with your photo id and proof of income.

4. If you think you cannot qualify for a lease in your name click here for a Lease Guaranty form you can get filled out by someone who can.

You can pay the application fee with PayPal.

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