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Privacy statement

We respect your privacy. This page describes what information we gather from you and what we do to protect the privacy of that information.

If you send us an email, we keep a copy and try to respond. That might involve sharing your email with a repairman or the landlord but not with people not directly involved with your inquiry. We may save your address so that we could email you in the future. No other use is made of your email address.

If you give us an application to rent a property, we check with the Experian credit reporting agency and verify as needed the other information you submit. We share this information with the owner of the property but no one else. If you rent the property, we keep the application in our paper files. No one has access to these files but our staff. If you give permission in writing, we are prepared to share rental history information from your file with a third party, usually another landlord or a mortgage lender. No other use is made of this information.

Some condo homeowners association require that we give them copies of your application, your lease and other information. In those cases, we comply.

If you default on a lease, we will likely report lost rent and other expenses allowed under your lease to the Experian credit agency and to other landlords or property managers.

If you do not sign a lease, we will destroy your application paper file in 30 days but on the recommendation of the Texas Association of Realtors retain a computerized copy for four years.

If you are a landlord, we will need a Taxpayer Identification Number to report rent on 1099's as required by the IRS. We will keep the number in our files. No one has access to our files but authorized staff. If we act as your agent for the sale of the property, the settlement agent will ask for your TIN and we will supply it unless you say otherwise.

If we erroneously report information to a consumer reporting agency, we will correct our records and request the reporting agency to correct its records promptly after we learn and agree that the report was in error.

If we have an erroneous record that you have issued a bad check, we will promptly delete the record if record is proved wrong and we are notified.

When you visit our website, our software makes a record in what is known as the Apache common log format. We use the log to keep totals on which pages are opened. The logs are deleted from our computer after 30 days. No other use is made of our website logs. Our computer is not set up to identify you or track you.

If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please let us know. You can can click here to send us an email.

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