Doug Bailey Real Estate, LLC


This agency is owned and operated by Doug and Ida Jane Bailey, real estate brokers in Dallas since the early 1980's.

We manage about 200 living units and work for 125 owners. Rents range from $450 to $4900 a month.

Our operation is small and focused. We have a seasoned maintenance chief on staff, Pedro Rocha, 20 years of experience in maintenance and repair of rental property, and two people who work in the office, Gwen Princehouse and Lesie Semans.

We do most make-ready and repair with our own people and have a list of sub-contractors and service people who have proved themselves over time. We make no money off the maintenance operation. In fact, we subsidize it, some years more than we planned.

Our fee for management is 10 percent of the rent. No other fees for leasing or renewals. You can go to our main page for details or our landlord policies page for more information.

Doug, Ida Jane and Louie April, 2012.
Click for Doug, Ida Jane and Sam in 2004.

Doug and Ida Jane moved to Dallas from Philadelphia in 1978 when Doug went to work for the Dallas Times Herald in what was known then as the great Dallas Newspaper war. Ida Jane, a school teacher, decided to change careers. She got a real estate license and joined the residential agency Terry, Abio & Adleta when it was created.

Ida Jane prospered as a sales agent and Doug soon joined her as the Times Herald was losing the newspaper war. The real estate market was hot and Doug and Ida Jane bought property in addition to selling it. Do you remember 15 year depreciation?

When the bust of the 1980s began drying up sales commissions, Doug went on his own, selling HUD repossessions and renting houses for people who had to move but could not afford to sell. Ida Jane managed Murray Realtors' Highland Park office for a couple of years and later joined Doug in their independent agency.

Now we have had another boom and Doug and Ida Jane are managing rental property not only for those who survived the 1980s but also for a new generation of investors and inadvertent landlords.

Doug and Ida Jane have two children, Winifred Huff and Palmer Bailey, who live in the Dallas area and practice law, and two grandchildren, Connor Huff, living in Chicago where he is a photographer, and Dillon Huff, a grad student at Stanford.

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