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Related websites

  • The Dallas Central Appraisal District website contains information about every piece of property in the county and has a fast and easy search tool.

  • This is the City of Dallas' Interactive maps page from which you can find almost all the public information about a piece of property, including aerial views, subdivision names and boundaries, census data about the neighborhood, etc.

  • The Texas Real Estate Commission has a website from which you can download promulgated real estate contracts, check on real estate agents, brokers and house inspectors, and make a complaint if you feel you have been treated badly by someone with a license.

  • The Dallas Board of Realtors website has links to helpful real estate sites.

  • John T. Reed sells how-to books for investors; his ratings page for other real estate gurus is one of my favorites. Reed believes real estate investing can make you independent but he says you have to do it yourself.

  • Rental Housing on Line for landlords, tenants and investors. Adjunct to a California real estate agency that manages property. Lots of links to other real estate sites. Costs money to join and get forms, credit reporting services, legal advice, etc but there is some free material.

  • Creative Real Estate On Line These people believe you can get rich, probably quickly, investing in real estate, and they tell you how.

  • This is a website aimed at real estate investors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Contains how to articles and message boards where you can make local contacts.

  • Mr. Landlord is a competitor to John Reed in the book-selling business. He also sells seminars and a bunch of other services. These folks cater to investors but have material for tenants. Part of a Virginia real estate brokerage and property management business.

  • Texas Property Code for residential from the state's website. This contains the landlord-tenant statutes.

  • This is Hud's national website linking to government foreclosures from all agencies. Most local Hud foreclosures are now listed with MLS agents and can be found in the online databases.

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