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Emergency information

If your air conditioner stops working one evening in August in Dallas, it sure feels like an emergency. But there isn't much we can do about it in the middle of the night.

Call us the next morning and we'll get someone to help as soon as we can. Our office is open weekdays 9 a.m. till 5:30 p..m., Saturday 9 a.m. till 12 noon, closed Sunday.

If it is after hours and you've got a problem with water, gas, electric or sewage that can't wait, call the utility company or the city department. They are set up to handle emergencies and will respond 24 hours a day. Phone numbers are listed below.

If you can't figure out who to call, try 911 or 311.

You can reach our emergency phone number by calling our office (214-340-8360) and listen for the current emergency phone.

If you live in a condo and water is coming in from another unit, the best thing to do is knock on the door and let the other person know. If no one is at home, the next thing to try is the management company for the homeowners association. This number is usually posted several places around the complex, usually by the mailboxes. Doug Bailey Real Estate, LLC does not have access to other units in a condo complex, each of which is owned by a different person.

If nothing else works, call the local water company. They can shut off the water to the building.

Best bet -- 911 for police and 311 for problems such as broken water lines, sewage backups, gas leaks, tree limbs in the streeet.

TXU electric and gas--972-791-2888. Most of Dallas and suburbs
Garland electric -- 972-205-2673
Atmos Energy (was TXU Gas) 1-800-460-3030
Dallas water --214-651-1441
Dallas sewer service --214-670-5700
Carrollton water -- 972-466-3120
Farmers Branch utility emergency --972-484-3620
Garland utility emergency -- 972-205-3210
Lewisville utility emergency - 972-219-3510
Mesquite utility emergency - 972-216-6208
Plano utility emergency -- 972-727-1623

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